The Tokenomics of $EMOT are designed to incentivize participation and reward hodlrz. A 5% tax is applied on both buys and sells, ensuring a fair distribution of rewards and support for the token’s growth. ** PLOT TWIST ** $EMOT has a 1st of its kind market manipulation prevention mechanism. We call it Whale Defender™! It’s quite simple -

DO NOT sell large quantities at once or you will pay a WHOPPING 30%+ tax THAT WILL BE SHARED WITH THE OTHER HOdlRz!! Just a friendly reminder to sell responsibly.

The allocation of the $EMOT token supply is strategically planned to create a sustainable and thriving ecosystem

DEX Listing:


Philanthropy & Community




Development Team




Token Holders:


CEX Listing:


Liquidity Pool:




Liquidity Pool: 40%

- A substantial portion is locked in liquidity to ensure smooth trading and price stability on DEXs and CEXs.

Marketing: 15%

- Dedicated funds for marketing campaigns to raise awareness, attract new community members, and drive adoption.

Partnerships: 5% -

We are always looking for unique ways to create synergies in the cryptocurrency space.

We intend to create long-lasting and meaningful relationships withmovers and shakers who share our core values for the Win — Win! Everything’s always better with TEAMWORK. That’s exactly how $EMOT was forged!!

CEX Listing: 10% -

Reserved tokens for listing on centralized exchanges, providing wider access and increased liquidity.

DEX Listing: 5% -

Allocated for decentralized exchange listings, promoting trust and decentralization.

Token Holders: 5% -

Distributed among token holders as rewards for their support and loyalty. ** Early Founders (you know who you are) and 1st Gen HODLrz

will receive recognition and designation in the community. This is the People’s Token because of their trust and loyal dedication. There would be no $EMOT if it wasn’t for them! They shall always be appreciated and remembered.

Investing: 5% -

Funds to invest in promising projects and initiatives within the cryptospace, fostering growth, innovation, and longevity of the ecosystem

Development Team: 10% -

Focused on best practices, innovation, sustainability, and growth, the Devs will continue to be responsive in the community and strive to make $EMOT the best token on the planet!

Philanthropy/Community Activities: 5% -

Supporting charitable causes and engaging in community-driven activities to make a positive impact.


1. Q2 & 3 2023 — Token Launch & Initial Listing:

- Launch of $EMOT memetoken on decentralized exchanges (e.g., Uniswap, PancakeSwap)

- Initial marketing campaign to raise awareness and attract early investors

- Community building through social media channels (Twitter, Telegram, Discord)

2. Q4 2023 — Strategic Partnerships & Centralized Exchange Listings:

- Form strategic partnerships with influencers, meme creators, and content platforms

- Listing on top-tier centralized exchanges for increased liquidity and accessibility

- Launch of the $EMOT staking program with attractive rewards for token holders

3. Q1 2024 — Meme Marketplace & NFT Integration:

- Launch of the $EMOT Meme Marketplace, allowing users to buy, sell, and trade meme NFTs using $EMOT tokens

- Integration with ChainGPT AI NFT Generator for seamless creation and minting of meme NFTs

- Organize meme contests and NFT airdrops to engage the community and reward active participants

4. Q2 2024 — $EMOT Meme Platform & Mobile App Launch:

- Release of the $EMOT Meme Platform, a social network for meme enthusiasts to share, rate, and discuss memes

- Integration of $EMOT token within the platform for tipping, premium features, and ad-free experience

- Launch of the $EMOT mobile app for iOS and Android devices, making it easy for usersto access the platform on-the-go

5. Q3 2024 — Expansion & Cross-Chain Interoperability:

- Explore cross-chain interoperability to bring $EMOT to other blockchains (e.g., Binance Smart Chain, Polygon)

- Collaborate with other popular meme tokens and projects for co-branded NFTs and events

- Expand marketing efforts to attract a global audience and increase $EMOT adoption

Yes! We have Burn!!

In a spectacular value-add feature, 1% of all Buys and Sells are automatically burned FOREVER!